Why is it important to have a good Landlord-Tenant Relationship?

Admin July 28, 2022

The relationship between landlord and tenant must be a symbiotic one, where the efforts of either party results in the best outcome for both parties. However, in most cases the relationship has always been mired by conflicts. Whether you are a property manager, landlord or a tenant, there are benefits for everyone when you pay close attention to strengthening your relationship with the respective party for the benefit of all. 

At its very core, a landlord and a tenant relationship has one thing connecting them to each other; an agreement. The landlord agrees to let the tenant live in or use their property, and the tenant agrees to pay rent and follow certain rules. 

The agreement between landlord and tenant amounts to a contract, and a lease is therefore a type of a contractual arrangement. Like in any relationship, it’s important for both parties to meet halfway. The Rent Regulations Statutory Instruments 676 of 1983 and 32 of 2007 form the basis of tenant – landlord relationship in Zimbabwe, most leases are based on the provisions of these regulations. 

The most important aspect of the Tenant – Landlord relationship is the Lease Agreement which both parties should take time to fully understand. This document sets out the expectations of both parties. Furthermore each party has certain rights and responsibilities and it’s important that they know and understand what these are. The lease agreement helps to clarify your rights and responsibilities and provides possible remedies to ensure that everyone is protected and knows what they should and shouldn’t do.

As a tenant, adhering to the lease agreement terms and maintaining a great relationship with your landlord can have many benefits even long after you cease renting from them, having an excellent reference from a past landlord or property manager who can attest to how great of a tenant you are, is invaluable.

During your tenancy, there are even more benefits to ensuring your landlord-tenant relationship is great. A landlord that has experienced you as a great tenant, will be more likely to address small maintenance requests promptly and can be more forgiving when it comes to late rent payments. 

The benefits are also just as noticeable for landlords or property managers. A great landlord-tenant relationship directly influences your vacancy and turnover costs. The better history you have with your tenant throughout the lease term, the more likely they will be to renew at the end of their lease term. Not only will a great rapport with your tenant influence their decision to live at your properties, but it can lead to wonderful recommendations for your other properties.

Having a great relationship with your tenants guarantees that you are more approachable, and you will be more likely to hear about issues like late rent or maintenance problems sooner.

To ensure a great landlord-tenant relationship, both sides must be willing to meet halfway. Good communication is the key foundation for maintaining a good relationship for both parties.

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