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Admin January 21, 2022

As much as the property marketing business has gone through many changes brought about by online technology, certain traditional aspects of the business seem to remain relevant and complimentary to online advertising. 

As Webdev (Pvt) Ltd we are committed to providing excellent Customer Service. We take ownership of challenges, anticipate client’s needs and respond proactively, delivering on promised solutions.

Through property.co.zw we continue to provide solutions to the real estate industry wholesomely and we are proud to introduce our new offering for Showdays.

Having a robust online marketing strategy for your property can help you sell with great ease. Old school marketing strategies such as Showdays with the help of technology can also work extremely well to get your property to sell. 

Buyers searching for properties online are now spoilt of choice as many estate agents list their many properties competing for the same buyers. It then becomes important to have your property stand out from the crowd and to be visible and attract serious buyers.

A Showday may be one of the best ways buyers will notice a particular home for sale.

Some key tips to ensure a successful show day is to present a home that is clean, neat and tidy, smells lovely and is neatly furnished. This will help buyers envision living there and may entice them to make an offer. A well maintained garden also does the trick.

Having a Showday does not just help your property to stand out, it also gives an opportunity for it to shine if preparations are done well.  Our Showday feature gives you an opportunity to expand your reach and attract more prospects to come and view your property. 

From a seller's standpoint, it makes life easier to have just a few Showdays instead of creating time to accommodate numerous random individual viewings and random times which might affect their planning.

By scheduling selected show days, you’ll know exactly when you need to get your house show shiny, rather than having to accommodate viewings on various days, in between work and other commitments.

Showdays can be important in that they generate live feedback from potential buyers, which is valuable in helping you make quick adjustments in line with what buyers in your area actually want and are prepared to pay.

A successful show day hopefully ends with an offer or two or five, you never know! 

Your estate agent will help you prepare for a successful Showday and they will not let your efforts to prepare your home go to waste. They will make their own efforts to promote and advertise the show day properly and generate maximum possible interest among suitable buyers, and we are there to help them reach a wider audience.

They will also know how to ensure that the security of your property and belongings is maintained during the process.





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