First time Buyers: Are you Paying the Right Price?

Admin May 06, 2022

Getting to purchase your first property is a huge step and exciting moment, but it also comes with a lot of fear and uncertainty. We decided to share with you the most common anxieties associated with price first-time buyers may experience, and explain how to avoid letting these fears affect you.

There is a general view shared by many people that properties are very expensive in the country, so it’s really not surprising that first time buyers have fears of ending up paying too much for a property they could otherwise get for less. There are a huge number of trends and influences that contribute to a property’s value, which can make it very hard to judge if a listing price is reasonable as a newcomer to the market. The only way to ease that anxiety is to arm yourself with solid, substantiated evidence.

If you hire a good real estate agent, they would be happy to sit down with you as the buyer to discuss a property’s listing price and the reasons behind its valuation. This takes all the guesswork out of making an offer by enabling you to make confident and fully informed decisions.

Trends like buyers’ and sellers’ markets don’t always apply the same way in specific areas, or to specific properties and property types. It’s vital to base offer decisions on specific data that takes context into consideration, rather than generalized. Through we also provide trends for the property market across locations and subsectors. This should also give you a guide on current pricing so that you make an informed decision at the end of the day.

Everyone wants their first home to be their dream home, but realistically, budget limitations seldom make this possible for first-timers. It can be less stressful making compromises when buyers understand that their first home doesn’t have to be completely perfect to act as the perfect stepping-stone towards their future dream home. 

Keep an open mind during the property search, and focus on your must-haves rather than your nice-to-haves. Every home has pros and cons don’t miss out by being too judgemental. More importantly, remember that even the most modest property provides invaluable equity in the market, getting you one step closer to affording your dream home down the line.

These issues become completely unnecessary, however, when buyers are supported by experienced property professionals.


A knowledgeable and reputable agent can help you set reasonable expectations for your purchase so that you don’t waste time. They can also help you expedite an offer and make it as attractive as possible without overpaying, and prepare you to respond wisely if your bid is not accepted.


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